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Marriott International

Innovation Days 2017 Branding & Identity

Innovation Days is an annual event that brings together thousands of Marriott International corporate associates to collaborate and innovate together. The event includes representatives from leading organizations across industries who share their perspectives the intersections of technology, culture, and creativity with travel.

Versed was tasked with establishing a brand for Innovation Days that could extend beyond the event and speak to the value of innovation through collaboration. We developed a brand identity, messaging and collateral to support the event and generate interest amongst associates and partners.


Digital Product Marketing

Intuit was looking to increase its range of services by creating multiple digital campaigns to assist in the usage of its core web-based product, TurboTax. The goal was to increase direct engagement with its customers by facilitating enrollment in add-on tax services, while providing a personalized tax experience.

Over a two-year engagement, we developed product strategy efforts, and led numerous experience initiatives, including design, user experience strategy, and conducted market research, informed advanced analytics and A/B multivariate testing to optimize digital campaigns following lean principles.


website audit & roadmap

A global media company supporting 32 unique publishing brands was looking to improve its portfolio of websites to expand digital reach and revenue opportunities.

Versed was tasked with auditing 6 selected premium brand sites, assessing the user experience, content and technical performance, facilitating a persona and journey development workshop, and ultimately developing a roadmap with recommendations for enhancement.
High Companies

content strategy &  upgrade

High, a highly diversified commercial development organization with 13 sub companies, was looking to better engage their website visitors by understanding more about who they were and why they visit the site.

Versed facilitated a proto-persona workshop to define 5 key audience personas and their journeys, from awareness to advocacy. We conducted an audit of existing website content, a competitive analysis and a gap analysis to identify content opportunities, and created engaging content, designed to address key customer needs and interests, and work within existing CMS implementation.


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Alex Hsiao

Award winning creative director & entrepreneur with over 17 years experience. Leading startups & global organizations to craft meaningful user experience, fuse design first thinking, and create lasting impressions. His work has been seen on WSJ, TechCrunch, CNET, and Comm Arts. Also at Perphic

Matt Scherrer

A strategy and customer experience consulting professional with over 15 years within the digital space, Matt has significant expertise in directing campaigns for globally-recognized brands, including custom product design and development, enterprise web solutions, CRM and eCommerce. Also at Viscid

Bill Knight

A design and business strategy leader with 20 plus years experience engaging with enterprise brands and creating award winning digital experiences, Bill brings considerable expertise in forging effective digital relationships that span from web and mobile to motion graphics. Also at BravoKilo

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