Putting a Face to the Facts

Our thoughts on using photography and demographics in persona representations There has been a lot of debate recently over the use of real (and by real, I mean stock) photographs vs. more generic avatars to represent user personas. Some good arguments have been made from both camps and it’s not my intent to rehash those. […]

This is not a drill! Get your taxonomy straight before it’s too late

Want to know one of the most critical elements that commonly holds up the delivery of great digital experiences? Yup, taxonomy. It may not be sexy (except to those library scientists and classification geeks amongst us), but your taxonomy is essential to the success of a number of your digital marketing efforts, including: Streamlining and […]

6 Reasons Why Digital Transformation Efforts Often Fail

Digital transformation is not a transactional event, and is much broader than purchasing a new CRM, or redesigning an app. It’s a continuous optimization of processes – internal and external – that improve the performance of your core business services through technology. Understanding this is the first step towards successfully transforming your business in the […]

Putting Personas to Work

Researching and crafting audience personas can be a fun and exciting process. You get to uncover the needs, preferences and behaviors of your customer base, and put a face and name to each customer type. And you know the team is hooked when you hear the words, “Yes, but how would Brad/Mary/Peter/Susan make that decision?” […]

Why you Should be Personalizing your Experiences

It’s time to stop talking at your audiences and start talking with them. What sets digital media apart from traditional media is that it facilitates a two-way conversation. We have at our disposal the tools and the data to deliver more personally and contextually relevant experiences, but not all marketers are making the most of […]

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

We’re all familiar with the consultant jargon used by today’s tech firms. Phrases such as end-to-end services, full-spectrum expertise, and my personal favorite, turnkey solutions. These claims are, in many cases, disingenuously perpetrated with the sole interest of capturing as much business as humanly possible. And it’s an attractive concept, at its root. One vendor […]