Why you Should be Personalizing your Experiences

It’s time to stop talking at your audiences and start talking with them. What sets digital media apart from traditional media is that it facilitates a two-way conversation. We have at our disposal the tools and the data to deliver more personally and contextually relevant experiences, but not all marketers are making the most of them. In fact, Adobe says that only 5% of marketers say they are doing so extensively.

Here’s why personalization should be at the top of your to do list:

  1. Personalization is as natural as meeting new friendsAttending an orientation at my daughter’s college (Go BC Eagles!), I was struck by how naturally we tailor our conversation focus to the people we’re talking to:
    You’re studying Economics? That’s interesting, I majored in economics too


    Ah, you’re from Cleveland, you must be thrilled about the Cavs big win!

    It’s human to want to engage with people in a way that’s familiar to them, using what we learn about them to make a more meaningful connection. If we’re already good at doing this in person, why wouldn’t we bring this same skill to our digital interactions?

  2. Customers expect itIn a national poll by Janrain, 74 percent of respondents said they “get frustrated with websites when content, offers, ads, promotions, etc. appear that have nothing to do with their interests.” As much as we push back on content targeting and personalization, we have grown accustomed to our preferred vendors knowing something about our preferences.In fact, this is no different from the tailor my father visited once every few years in Hong Kong. This remarkable gentleman knew my father’s size, his fabric preference, and that he liked the shirts monogrammed. All my father had to do was walk into the store and pick the colors he wanted and the number of shirts he needed, and the rest was taken care of.
  3. The competition is doing itWe’re not advocating a “me too” approach to marketing, but when your peers are prioritizing a tactic, you should probably pay attention. Econsultancy recently found that 52% of digital marketers agree that “the ability to personalize content is fundamental to their online strategy.”The bottom line – organizations that have invested in personalization are more likely to gain market share. If your customers have a choice between your generic experience or the one your competition is delivering that is tailored to who they are and what they’re looking for, we know what they’ll pick.
  4. It works!The beauty of personalization is that, done right, it is an entirely measurable tactic. According to Monetate/eConsultancy, in-house marketers who are personalizing their web experiences and who are able to quantify the improvement see, on average, a 19% uplift in sales. And research from Aberdeen shows that personalized emails improve clickthrough rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.
  5. The more you do it, the better you’ll getIn order to personalize an experience, you have to pick attributes or data about your audience that will trigger a personalization event, whether that is their location, their product interest or the campaign that drew them there.Deciding which data or attributes to use can be daunting, but it needn’t be. Our advice to clients is simply – start somewhere. The data you retrieve from the results of your initial personalization efforts will tell you if you’ve picked the right attributes, and will help you fine tune your strategy going forward.

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